20 Dec 2019 StratosDJ KyrosArara @ Diversity Griessmühle Berlin Germany
18 Jul 2019 StratosDJ KyrosArara @ Diversity About Blank Berlin Germany
05 Apr 2019 StratosDJ KyrosArara @ Diversity & Deep Fried About Blank Berlin Germany
01 Mar 2019 StratosDJ KyrosArara @ Diversity About Blank Berlin Germany
11 Jan 2019 StratosDJ KyrosArara w/ Kamma & Masalo @ Diversity Griessmühle Berlin Germany
01 Dec 2018 StratosDJ KyrosArara, MoodyLab w/ Prosumer @ Diversity Griessmühle Berlin Germany
15 Sep 2018 StratosDJ Kyros Barrage Zakynthos Greece
02 Aug 2018 StratosDJ Kyros w/ Jamie 3:26 @ Diversity About Blank Berlin Germany
05 Jul 2018 StratosDJ KyrosArara w/ Sven Weisemann @ Diversity About Blank Berlin Germany
26 Jun 2018 Arara Crack Bellmer Berlin Germany
09 Jun 2018 StratosDJ KyrosArara w/ Mark Grusane, Valkula @ Diversity Griessmühle Berlin Germany
11 May 2018 Stratos & DJ Kyros b2b @ Slave To The Rave Griessmühle Berlin Germany
29 Mar 2018 Stratos w/ Claudio PRC Ohm Berlin Germany
24 Feb 2018 Anthropous AnonymousDJ Kyros, Fog & Arara w/ Specter, Claudio PRC, Marcus Henriksson, Cinthie @ Diversity About Blank Berlin Germany
19 Jan 2018 Anthropous AnonymousStratosDJ KyrosArara @ Diversity Griessmühle Berlin Germany
30 Dec 2017 StratosDJ KyrosArara w/ San Proper, Roy Davis Jr. @ Diversity Griessmühle Berlin Germany
12 Nov 2017 Stratos w/ Sadar Bahar Toms Flagship Thessaloniki Greece
19 Oct 2017 DJ Kyros Astron Bar Athens Greece
14 Oct 2017 DJ Kyros Miden Ena Corinth Greece
07 Oct 2017 Anthropous Anonymous all night long! Uberdooze Thessaloniki Greece
06 Oct 2017 DJ KyrosArara & Stratos w/ Dj Aakmael & Soulphiction @ Deep Fried About Blank Berlin Germany
30 Aug 2017 Watergate meets Phonograph Music w/ StratosArara Watergate Berlin  Germany
27 Jul 2017 Anthropous AnonymousDJ Kyros & Stratos w/ Sadar Bahar @ Diversity About Blank Berlin Germany
07 Jun 2017 DJ KyrosArara & Stratos w/ Kai Alce, Daniel La Luz @ Diversity About Blank Berlin Germany
06 May 2017 Stratos w/ Mike Huckaby Secret Location  Heraklion Greece
31 Mar 2017 Anthropous Anonymous Kompass Club Gent Belgium
15 Mar 2017 Stratos & GummiHz B2B @ Night Fever Anita Berber Berlin Germany
03 Mar 2017 Hi Point Low Life Meets Phonograph Music Betahaus Berlin Germany
12 Feb 2017 Anthropous AnonymousDJ KyrosArara & Stratos B2B About Blank Berlin Germany
12 Jan 2017 Stratos OHM Berlin Germany
25 Nov 2016 DJ Kyros Miden Ena Corinth  Greece
07 Oct 2016 Anthropous Anonymous Griessmühle Berlin Germany 
31 Aug - 04 Sep 2016 Anthropous Anonymous Odyssia Festival Attiki Greece
11-15 Aug 2016 DJ KyrosStratos Summer Contrast Festival Rogalinko Poland
06 Aug 2016 Stratos Watergate Berlin Germany
30 July 2016 Anthropous AnonymousDJ KyrosStratosArara Farbfernseher Berlin Germany
23 July 2016 Stratos Mixology Baha California Mexico
16 July 2016 Stratos Kin Kin Guadalajara Mexico
01 July 2016 Stratos Heideglühen Berlin Germany
17 June 2016 DJ KyrosStratos Tanz Bar Szczecin Poland
16 June 2016 DJ KyrosStratos Suicide Circus Berlin Germany
05 June 2016 Stratos Treehouse Thessaloniki Greece
14 May 2016 Stratos Kin Kin Guadalajara Mexico
04 Mar 2016 Stratos Kin Kin Guadalajara Mexico
23 Jan 2016 DJ Kyros Griessmühle Berlin Germany
20 Jan 2016 DJ KyrosStratosArara Farbfernseher Berlin Germany
A karma meeting of two missed but not forgotten friends at the airport, traveling to the same destination, sharing strong experiences from their past and collaborate to create a new vision for their future. Both addicted record collectors, inspired by various music genres, their music creations come out organically and naturally, without any borders or any limits.
Somewhere on the way, Nick had the need to express himself in other music styles than he did before. This need gave birth to his first solo album “Let's Make Waves”. Inspired by everyday life and driven by his passion for music in general.
With new projects on the rise and collaborations with others gaining momentum, Kyros is busy in the studio creating new works that reflect his ethos of simplistic house grooves.
Running the show for Berlins ‘Phonograph Music’ has Stratos playing out his days inside the one world he truly understands and by night it is a graceful stance above the turntables that holds his position.