Dj Kyros & Stratos B2B set recorded live @ About Blank Berlin 27.07.2017
Running the show for Berlins ‘Phonograph Music’ has Stratos playing out his days inside the one world he truly understands and by night it is a graceful stance above the turntables that holds his position.
Dj Kyros set recorded live @ About Blank Berlin 10.02.2017
Set recorded by Stratos at Phonograph Music HQ
Artist: Dj Kyros
Title: Astron Ep
Cat no: PHM 002
Format: 12" EP
With new projects on the rise and collaborations with others gaining momentum, Kyros is busy in the studio creating new works that reflect his ethos of simplistic house grooves.
Artist: Anthropous Anonymous
Title: O Quase E.P.
Cat no: PHM 004
Format: 12" EP