“Diversity: the art of thinking independently together.” With that in mind, Move Diversity is aiming to bring together all free thinkers and music lovers, vinyl collectors and soul detectors, love makers and booty shakers. Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common and it’s ought to be celebrated.

Phonograph Music presents Diversity, a series of events at About Blank. 
Kick off on Wednesday the 7th of June, with Kai Alce, Daniela La Luz and of course, Phonograph’s own; Dj Kyros, Stratos & Arara.
Artist: Anthropous Anonymous
Title: O Quase E.P.
Cat no: PHM 004
Format: 12" EP
Somewhere on the way, Nick had the need to express himself in other music styles than he did before. This need gave birth to his first solo album “Let's Make Waves”. Inspired by everyday life and driven by his passion for music in general.
With new projects on the rise and collaborations with others gaining momentum, Kyros is busy in the studio creating new works that reflect his ethos of simplistic house grooves.
Running the show for Berlins ‘Phonograph Music’ has Stratos playing out his days inside the one world he truly understands and by night it is a graceful stance above the turntables that holds his position.