Artist: Anthropous Anonymous
Title: ‘’O Quase E.P.’’
Cat no: PHM 004
Format: Vinyl 12"
Distribution:  Phonograph Music
Release Date: 15 February 2017
Mastering: Calyx Studio
Featuring Artist : Roberto Coehlo

A few months ago, in the time and space of a few impromptu sessions, an EP was conceived and produced. Not much was planned, but the voice and the keyboard notes our dear Brazilian friend Roberto Coelho hit, gave the whole thing its not so but quite ambiguous form and meaning. Soon after that, the music just flowed… And the result from all that, is the new Anthropous Anonymous EP on Phonograph Music, "O Quase".
The EP contains four cuts, starting with the title song "O Quase", narrated in Portuguese by Roberto. It is a poetic themed approach to dance music, since it is literally based on a poem, touching on the subject of reaching out and yearning for the oneness of love and friendship.
Next are the "The 19th Journey" and "September's Interlude", a deeper than deep cut, inspired from traveling long distances to unknown lands as youngsters; and an ode to a very influential group of Greek demigods, respectively.
As usual, the EP ends with the title track's dub tribal workout, "O Quase The Almost Mix", giving an 180° twist on the original.
Supported by: 
Laurent Garnier Radio Show (It Is What It Is) Radio-Meuh (France)
Mike Huckaby (Deep Transportation Detroit) 
Ekkohaus (Holic Trax) 
Jus Ed (Underground Quality) 
Dem (Disk Capita) 
Claudio PRC (TGP) 
Marc Schneider (WordAndSound)
Matt Pond (Deep Systems)
Anthropous Anonymous set recorded live @ About Blank Berlin 10.02.2017
Artist: Anthropous Anonymous
Title: Anthropous Anonymous EP
Cat no: PHM 003
Format: 12" EP
A karma meeting of two missed but not forgotten friends at the airport, traveling to the same destination, sharing strong experiences from their past and collaborate to create a new vision for their future. Both addicted record collectors, inspired by various music genres, their music creations come out organically and naturally, without any borders or any limits.
With new projects on the rise and collaborations with others gaining momentum, Kyros is busy in the studio creating new works that reflect his ethos of simplistic house grooves.