A label for distinguished hunters and collectors, soul detectors and vinyl selectors of electronic music with Detroit bones, a Thessaloniki heart and a Berlin motor. The story of the label is unusual in some ways. Phonograph was first and foremost created as a platform to showcase the family of friends that surrounded the label heads Stratos Papanikolaou and Nikos Kostoglou. Making it unusual in this day and age is that Phonograph is a label which doesn’t make the personality of the label more interesting than the music, and doesn’t aim for world domination or an Adele remix. Instead, they let their fanbase of percussion addicted soul freaks tell them where the future is headed and they only release a few strong wax EP’s each year. Up until now, they have released three limited edition EP’s, with a fourth, ‘O Quase EP’ being released in February 2017 by Anthropous Anonymous, another Greek duo in their tight-knit circle of house-music junkies.

Phonograph Music is the family-run business that sells the stuff made to last and stays away from plastic. Wedged between the corporate factories of house music labels in the city of Berlin and run by two Greeks who take music and old school methods of music distribution as seriously as high grade olive oil and mama's secret recipe linseed soup. So, In the city of Berlin, where kids wait in long queues in hopes of getting into loud clubs where straight beats will take them through the weekend, in that same city, in shorter lines with nicer bouncers, a blacker kind of house music awaits you. This is where the soulful releases of Phonograph Music  are played, where modern electronic beatniks reinvent the smoky jazz clubs of yesteryear and rhythm rules the night.
Phonograph Music GbR
Nikolaos Kostoglou & Efstratios Papanikolaou
VAT : DE 280746647 (§ 27 a Umsatzsteuergesetz)

Oderberger Str. 7,
10435, Berlin, Germany
Tel: +49 (0)30 857 485 09
Artist: Anthropous Anonymous
Title: Anthropous Anonymous EP
Cat no: PHM 003
Format: 12" EP
Artist: Anthropous Anonymous
Title: O Quase E.P.
Cat no: PHM 004
Format: 12" EP
Artist: Dj Kyros
Title: Astron Ep
Cat no: PHM 002
Format: 12" EP
Artist: Square Room Heroes
Title: ‘’We Are Here’’
Cat no: PHM001
Format: 12" EP