Labros.M aka dj MoodyLab was born in 1978 in Thessaloniki (Greece). He got into mixing vinyls in 1995 techno-acid-house and his first influences came from labels such as Strictly rhythm, Radical Fear, Harthouse to name few.

The same year he started to play Acid,House and Techno in a local underground radio station. In 1998 he finished his studies in sound engineering. Ever since he is Djing in various private parties and  he played music in a local bar-club  as a resident.

His ability to combine different genres of Electronic Music always makes his set unique.
A karma meeting of two missed but not forgotten friends at the airport, traveling to the same destination, sharing strong experiences from their past and collaborate to create a new vision for their future. Both addicted record collectors, inspired by various music genres, their music creations come out organically and naturally, without any borders or any limits.
Artist: Anthropous Anonymous
Title: O Quase E.P.
Cat no: PHM 004
Format: 12" EP
With new projects on the rise and collaborations with others gaining momentum, Kyros is busy in the studio creating new works that reflect his ethos of simplistic house grooves.
Set Recorded by Moodylab