Born in Greece and adopted by the house music scene in Berlin, Stratos lives for the electronic world which he’s helped to shape and bring sound to for more than a decade. Getting a taste for dance music in the end the 90สน′s led him to playing most of Greeces famed nightspots and soon after had him spending the next 10 years co-founding 3 dance labels that would press more than 70 releases worldwide.

As Stratos crossed the years, so to did the styles that he choose to play, but his sets always maintained a distinct flavor of deep house with strong influences from the U.S house and techno movement – a perfect taste for a DJ who prefers playing vinyl. This classic sound and his finely tuned mixing has had him invited to play as far as Australia and Japan as well as many of the usual European hotspots.

Running the show for Berlins ‘Phonograph Music’ has Stratos playing out his days inside the one world he truly understands and by night it is a graceful stance above the turntables that holds his position.
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"4 Days Weekend Ep" (Disobey 003)
"Intimate Talk Ep"  (Quantized Music 004)
Artist: Anthropous Anonymous
Title: O Quase E.P.
Cat no: PHM 004
Format: 12" EP
Set recorded by Stratos at Phonograph Music HQ
A karma meeting of two missed but not forgotten friends at the airport, traveling to the same destination, sharing strong experiences from their past and collaborate to create a new vision for their future. Both addicted record collectors, inspired by various music genres, their music creations come out organically and naturally, without any borders or any limits.
Set Recorded Live by Stratos at Move & Techno Taverna

City: Athens
Date: 30 April 2013
Club: Six Dogs